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The capital of Saint Lucia and its largest city. A popular call to port for cruisers and a frequent setting off point for various tours offered to guests of local hotels & resorts.

If you're a cruise aficionado, it's only a matter of time before Saint Lucia lands on your itinerary and Castries will be greeting you in port. For many others, in particular guests of the Sandals properties on the island, Castries may provide a little local history or feature as a jumping off point for longer day trips around the island.

Planning your trip

The city is quite accessible from the cruise terminals, with options to stay local or to explore the island with Castries as a sort of "home base" for the day. Be mindful that driving times can be far longer than expected, the roads of Saint Lucia are winding and the traffic in town can be surprising.

If you're looking to get out to the Pitons or Rodney Bay, consider chartering a yacht for the day or finding your way onto a catamaran trip.

When you should go

Saint Lucia doesn't typically experience the types of hurricane activity you might find further north in the Caribbean. That makes Castries an excellent candidate for your cruise itinerary throughout the year.

What else you might need

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