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One of the most unique places you could visit. With a history the locals will proudly tell you stretches back for some 5,000 years. There are almost 1.5 billion people, meaning you'll certainly meet some characters! Make sure you ask about food, it's an implicit part of the culture to know every local dish from across the hundreds of cities across the nation. Historic sites and some modern ones through the eastern seaboard, there are some huge travel goals to be achieved here.

China is perhaps better enjoyed by more seasoned travelers, not to say that you can't enjoy yourself here as a first-time traveler. It is a vast country with plenty of variety in destinations of its own. If you like history and food, you'll likely have your mind blown by just how different China is compared to other destinations!

Planning your trip

A rather unique opportunity presents itself in visiting China by water, where the mighty Yangtze River zig zags through the middle of the Middle Kingdom (China). There are a number of well-known river cruise brands operating well-appointed ships on the Yangtze, giving you the option to float down a living piece of history in style & comfort.

Getting around some of the larger cities can be achieved with minimal frustration, but if you're looking to make the most of your first trip to China, consider a guide or joining an arranged tour to ensure you can just focus on soaking up the culture instead of crashing through logistics or becoming frustrated with the inevitable communications barrier.

When you should go

China might be considered a year-round destination, with activities and attractions to enjoy throughout the year. For many cities hosting popular landmarks, April and May provide some of the most comfortable weather. Some peak travel times for domestic travel may be avoided, such as Golden Week in the first week of October, or during Spring Festival, which occurs over several weeks in January or February.

What else you might need

There are several visa categories available to American visitors to China, with the ultimate option of a 10-year multi-entry visa once you've already visited once or twice. There are also a growing number of transit visas offered at main airports across the country, some of which last up to 4 days. While all visa categories have specific guidance, transit visas in particular require additional planning.

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