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Christchurch Priory

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Unique as a church in that the priory is a parish church and not a cathedral, despite its grand size. The building holds a few highlights for the faithful, from the selection of its site to the work delivered during its construction through several stages up to the 12th century.

As one of the longest parish churches in all of England, you'll enjoy your visit if you hold any interest in architecture or the religious history of England.

Planning your trip

Within the structure of the church you'll find The Miraculous Beam. Legend has it a critical beam of the structure was mistakenly cut too short from scarce wood resources. Among the workmen was a gentleman who was never spotted at meals or during breaks, he never collected his pay either. When workers returned to the site on the morning after the fated beam was cut too short, not only did they find the beam to be beyond sufficient length but that the unnamed carpenter was not to be seen and would never be seen again during the period of construction!

When you should go

The church's opening times are pretty welcoming, especially if you'd care to join the service. If you're only visiting for the tourist appeal, perhaps plan for any day outside of Sunday mornings, where you may be a disruptive feature among sermons and services.

What else you might need

No entry fee or ticket of admission is required to enter the church under normal circumstances. Just be respectful of those coming to worship. There is a 20p coin operated light and music diorama at the end of one of the aisles, it's a scale model of the church!

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