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Club Med Kani

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4-Star all-inclusive and family friendly in the Maldives with Club Med. Expect proximity to water and a healthy selection of inclusive activities available, such as catamaran sailing and snorkeling & scuba diving. There are options for upgraded activities as well.

Best for fans of the Club Med brand, active families, and couples looking for activity options alongside their relaxing beach side vacation.

Planning your trip

Club Med tries hard to ensure your arranged activities are prepared in advance, so you just have to show up to enjoy. That might mean reserving a spot on the timetable after you arrive to the resort, but some added cost activities such as sightseeing by plane might be arranged in advance.

When you should go

The resorts of the Maldives attract more visitors in the mid-December through March period. As Club Med Kani attracts a lot of scuba and snorkeling enthusiasts, you might also time your visit with the sea life. Manta rays are found in the Maldives more or less throughout the year, but the Baa Atoll is famous for them and only a 100 miles or so from the Club Med. The most populous months of the year for the rays at Baa runs June through October.

What else you might need

Bring your diving qualifications and log book! Just be sure to plan your transfers well if you're opting for a seaplane arrival, there's typically a very restrictive baggage allowance.

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