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Coba Archaeological Zone

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Coba is still relatively unknown outside the local region, a blessing and a curse for visitors. On one hand, the site is relatively undeveloped and you'll need to bring your own water and other necessities for the day's activities; on the other hand, as at the time of writing you could challenge yourself to climb the steps of the main pyramid and enjoy a unique experience among such landmarks in Mexico.

The site at Coba might be most enjoyed if you're looking to explore something culturally significant but don't want the crowds of Chichen Itza - although there will still be other guests when you visit, it's not a lost temple by any means! You may have already visited Chichen Itza and would like another perspective and a wholly different experience in taking up Mexico's history & culture.

Planning your trip

You'll get the most out of your visit with a local guide as the site isn't so developed. Consider renting a bike or planning to take a stroll through the jungle, you can also pair this site up on the same day's visit with your stop in Tulum.

When you should go

Looking to escape the crowds? Try to arrive as early in the day as possible. That may mean a really early start from your resort!

What else you might need

Entry fees to the archaeological zone area are in the M$80 region and might best be arranged in advance. This site is not as popular as Chichen Itza, but the accessibility of being able to climb the pyramids brings its own volume of guests.

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