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While London tends to be among the top of travel lists for many, it's easy to forget that there's far, far more to England than London! From the Southeast through the West Country onto Bath and Somerset, maybe even Cornwall at the tip of Land's End, all the way through the Midlands and countless historic towns and picturesque villages, such as Oxford, Liverpool, or Manchester. Views over the Lake District feel like they stretch all the way to the North onto Yorkshire, with its own dales and cities punctuated with castles and cathedrals.

There's never been a better time to visit England, connectivity continues to flourish and the rates of exchange haven't been this favorable for decades. Make the most of your time by getting on the train or joining a coach tour. Get in touch with your English roots or skip the bustling city life of London for the rolling green hills of pub-filled towns and quaint villages.

Planning your trip

England's extensive waterways and rivers have transportation options of their own, but there is not yet any robust tourism infrastructure comparable to river cruising.

Pre and post-cruise can be achieved not just in London, but throughout the southwestern reaches of England. Southampton is the main cruise port not only for British Isles cruising, but also a leaping off point for Scandinavian and Eastern Mediterranean itineraries.

If you've got more than a couple of days to explore the country, certainly include a stop to the Cotswolds or any other iconic region of English-ness! If you're visiting only as a stop into London, popular day trips include Bath & Stonehenge, which can also be paired with Windsor Castle.

When you should go

England is an interesting and welcoming place to visit at any time of the year, although American and Canadian visitors are often most comfortable during the warmer summer months. The June through August period does tend to coincide with school holidays, meaning attractions and landmarks can be busier during those times. Late May and mid-late September might be your best choice for decent weather and lighter crowds, late May in particular is often far greener than what you may enjoy at home.

Some parts of England can be a bit drizzly more often than not, however you'd be surprised to know that the southeast, including London, is technically semi-arid. In fact, London gets less rain throughout the year than Rome! Although admittedly those drops are spread over more days, meaning you're still going to get more sunshine in Italy.

What else you might need

US passport holders may visit any of England, Scotland, or Northern Ireland as tourists without a pre-arranged visa for stays as long as 180 days. Your passport should remain valid at least 6 months beyond your date of planned exit from England or elsewhere within the United Kingdom.

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