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Faena Hotel Miami Beach

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One of our favorite spots in Miami Beach, soon to be one of yours. The property is almost a living work of art, with bold colors and the type of styling which tends to be too risque for the likes of its contemporaries. The man himself, Mr Alan Faena, does actually stay at the property several times a year. It's a very unique but unbelievably well-attended property.

Love art? Love unrivaled service? You'll love the Faena Miami. An almost quirky, boutique-like yet truly luxurious experience. The property is absolutely crawling with art and opportunities for something you don't see every day.

Planning your trip

Whether you're a guest of the hotel or not, some of the more well-known pieces of the Faena art collection are on display in public areas. Not one but two gilded sculptures by Damien Hirst may be found on site and enjoyed without being a guest of the hotel.

Exclusive to guests of select rooms & suites of the property, there's an in-house art tour to explore the collection. It's available by appointment only on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays at 11am.

When you should go

You won't need an excuse to visit the Faena, but give it strong consideration if you're visiting during any art or fashion events. The larger Faena District complex has a lot to offer individuals and groups.

What else you might need

You should seek your reservations well in advance for the best selection in available rooms & suites. The penthouse sleeps 12 and represents an incredible value, for example.

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