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Known more formally as Sundowners of Key Largo, the menu is pretty accommodating but you can expect seafood and great steak.

Anyone looking for a little romance in their evening meal will appreciate the opportunity for waterside dining. The sunsets are spectacular, a great compromise in your itinerary if you can't make it all the way to Key West.

Planning Your Trip

If you're cruising from PortMiami, Key Largo is an achievable day trip for those who've got an overnight to enjoy. With a private car or rental, you could enjoy your own sunset dinner here before a leisurely trip back to the city. Or just stay locally in the Keys!

The rear docks occasionally welcome tarpon, large greenish fish looking for a handout! There is also a helipad on Key Largo which regularly accepts day trip visitors from Miami and elsewhere.

When You Should Go

As the Keys do have a fair local population and Key Largo is accessible as a day trip from Miami, you may find the restaurant surprisingly busy even outside of the peak season. Arrive early to avoid disappointment if you don't have reservations for a waterside table.

There is an inside dining area, but it kind of defeats the purpose when you've come for the sunset. You'll be most comfortable out of doors during the peak season weather period.

What Else You Might Need

You'll need reservations for the best waterside tables. The success of more spontaneous visits will require an early arrival.

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