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Fort Lauderdale Beach

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Florida is blessed with plenty of beaches, but our take on Fort Lauderdale's sandy seafront is that it offers a great alternative to the its busier neighbor further south in Miami's South Beach.

A world class beach with plenty of local dining & entertainment options welcomes you no matter your motivations for sand and sea on your vacation!

Planning your trip

Any cruise itinerary which begins or ends in Port Everglades will give you ample opportunity to visit the beach, it's exceptionally close by. Extend your trip with a pre or post-cruise segment, or simply enjoy some last few hours of sun and sand between disembarkation and check in.

Bring your own shade or arrive early to secure a spot in the extremely limited natural shade on the beach. Otherwise plan to include a visit to the nearby drinking or dining establishments for an escape from the heat of the midday sun.

When you should go

Fort Lauderdale's busy season runs roughly December through March, with a particularly noticeable spike corresponding with Spring Break.

What else you might need

It is a public beach with no costs to simply set up a towel or take a dip in the sea. You will encounter ancillary costs such as paid parking or for use of an umbrella or on site loungers.

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