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Spelled like it rhymes with "Rome", you might be surprised to hear the locals call it something more like "Froom", rhymes with "vroom" or "room". A small town in Somerset, not far from the city of Bath, England. Frome has enjoyed a considerable urban rejuvenation during the last 10 years and has been recognized by some publications as among the best places to live in Britain. The main shopping streets are quaint, with a blend of classic and modern shops and pubs.

A day trip to Frome is best enjoyed if you're really digging deep and exploring the multitude of local towns in England's green West Country. If you're staying longer than a day in Bath, for example, or find yourself looking for something off the beaten path to explore on a day's rest pre or post-cruise from Southampton.

Planning your trip

As mentioned above, Frome's market life focuses on a Sunday each month through most of the year.

When you should go

Frome is a little more welcoming during the summer months. If you're into outdoor markets, the first Sunday of each month from March through December attracts plenty of visitors as the Frome Independent Market brings in guests from neighboring towns or even further afield.

What else you might need

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