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Red Footed Booby

The red footed booby is the smallest of booby family, with somewhat unique behavior among roosting sea birds of the Galapagos Islands. Despite the large, webbed feet, perfect for swimming and life on the water, they roost in trees and mangroves around their island homes here. Of course they are identified by their red feet, but may be mistaken for the Nazca booby.

The red footed booby is a sea bird and can fly, but you might have the best opportunity to view them on Genovesa Island, with populations on Punta Pitt and San Cristobal Island.

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Planning Your Trip

While the birds are most numerous around Genovesa Island, other islands tend to feature more heavily on cruise itineraries, such as San Cristobal and especially Punta Pitt. That means an Inner Loop itinerary for the Celebrity Flora and other Celebrity Cruises expedition sailings.

When You Should Go

The birds may be more easily observed when nesting, roughly January through September.

What Else You Might Need

In addition to any tourist visa to Ecuador, there is a permit required to visit the Galapagos. This can be arranged as part of your tour or cruise itinerary.

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