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Waved Albatross

The waved albatross is a rather large bird by any measure, but the largest to call the Galapagos Islands home. Holding a wingspan of up to 8 feet (2.5m), they're said to be capable of months-long flights. They tend to glide rather than flapping their wings when they're putting in the marathon sessions! Some individuals may remain on the islands outside their regular season by the intensive process of rearing their single chick.

The birds have a distinct mating dance or ritual which seems to attract the attention of mates and enthusiastic bird watchers alike! The resulting egg is laid singly and hatches only two short months after being deposited in their ground nests. Their young chicks, however, take a fair bit more time to mature, upwards of a year before they take to the skies on their own. They'll return in years to come.

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Planning Your Trip

Shore excursions to Espanola more regularly feature on Outer Loop cruise itineraries, be sure to voice your desire to see the waved albatross when planning your cruise or selecting your tour.

When You Should Go

Expect to see them around Espanola Island during the April to December period, with some incidental populations throughout the islands. Rumor holds that October is a particularly good time to observe the birds.

What Else You Might Need

There is a permit required to visit the Galapagos and in addition to your tourist visa to Ecuador. This can be arranged as part of your tour or cruise itinerary.

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