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Europe's economic powerhouse and home to the world-famous Autobahn, Germany's outbound travel market makes it easy for anyone to overlook just how easy it is to discover medieval towns and forested hillsides. Did we mention there's wine?

Germany is absolutely a fantastic destination, especially if you care to scratch beneath the surface. A wealth of history and well-preserved medieval towns, incredible cuisine, and, you might be surprised to find out, a real enthusiasm for fun and interesting celebrations!

Planning your trip

Germany's waterways host a number of popular segments for River Cruise itineraries, including the Danube, Moselle, Rhine, and even the Elbe. With an exceptionally well established infrastructure for such journeys and a comfortable variety of cruise lines operating on the rivers of Germany, you may find an abundance of choice.

Germany also hosts a great number of castles and medieval towns to discover during any visit.

When you should go

Germany is a year-round destination. Although the warmer months of the year are accompanied by larger visitor numbers, namely late April through early October. Germany also hosts various celebrations throughout the year, the most renown being Oktoberfest.

What else you might need

Germany is a Schengen area member nation and welcomes visitors from the US for tourism purposes for up to 90 days without any advanced visa arrangements. Note that this visa-free period is limited to any cumulative 90 days spent anywhere within the Schengen area. Further, Germany strictly enforces a 90-day passport validity period beyond your intended exit date. To avoid issues with airlines and border control points, we suggest all travelers maintain the validity of their passport at least six months beyond the date at which they intend to return home. You will need a digital ETIAS pass (valid for 3 years once you've got yours) secured in advance of your trip.

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