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Government House of The Bahamas

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The building itself is a grand manor home, showcasing features of local Bahamian architecture alongside styles of British and American influence. Originally built in 1737, it's likely that the outward appearance you see today is quite different from that of the original construction. Throughout the last few hundred years, various structural and superficial modifications have occurred. Whole wings have been added and a significant amount of damage was repaired following a hurricane in 1929. Not least of all, the addition of a 12-foot statue of Christopher Columbus was added in 1830.

The property represents a significant amount of history and among the finest examples of Georgian Colonial architecture in The Bahamas. When you're standing below the foot of Columbus's statue, turn toward the sea and face down hill. Imagine what unobscured view is enjoyed by the Governor today and by their guests in centuries passed.

Planning your trip

The sitting Governor actually resides here, don't expect to gain access or to walk the gardens unless you've an invitation for a consul event!

When you should go

You won't need too long to visit or enjoy views onto the building's facade, but it is outdoors. The earlier in the day you can visit the more likely it is you can enjoy a view onto the grounds without other visitors encroaching your space.

What else you might need

As there is no entry to uninvited guests, you don't need to worry about any sort of ticket or admission. Enjoying this landmark takes place from outside the perimeter fence or through gated drives and entry ways.

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