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Graycliff Chocolatier

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In addition to the spa and humidor at Nassau's Graycliff Hotel, there is a fantastic chocolatier. Immediately, you will notice how clean the facility is and how welcoming the retail boutique and its staff remain, even when you're pestering them with every chocolate question under the sun!

Unless you've arranged to enjoy a tour or workshop, you won't need more than 15 minutes to peruse the shop and select a local take on your favorite chocolate or to seek out a new flavored filling combination from among local tastes. That means you don't have much excuse not to pop in and say hello to the friendly staff.

Planning your trip

There are a few options for turning your visit into an experience, with available tours, chocolate making workshops, and even a class to pair the creamiest chocolates with premium spirits!

When you should go

Open daily from 9-5 except Christmas Day. The Chocolatier might see more visitors in the middle of the day, when cruise passengers and other shoppers are in the midst of their retail binge! Note that the tours run on an independent schedule and never on a Sunday.

What else you might need

The chocolatier is open to the public, with a small but deliciously-appointed retail space. There's no ticket to enter, but good luck leaving without picking up something sweet and tasty to take with you!

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