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One of the most accessible entry points to Asia and a foodie's dream come true, Hong Kong is the epitome of Asia for many. The country is today administered as a Special Autonomous Region, which is why you may see the Hong Kong SAR mark on your entry documents. Rich in history, what started as a Stone Age fishing village is today a global financial center and still shares a tenuous position with the former British Empire. Hong Kong has more people living at or above the 15th floor than any other city on the planet!

It’s a great city destination and one of the best stepping stones into Asia for many people enjoying a larger itinerary. Is it a great destination in itself? Absolutely. Can you spend a week there? Definitely. Will you get itchy feet after 2-3 days? There's a decent possibility. Hong Kong is a great addition to any itinerary but you’ll get the most out of your visit if you look at it as a gateway into a wider exploration or the region, particularly for cruisers or if you’re headed to Southeast Asia.

Planning your trip

Hong Kong's position along the southern coast of China makes it a great gateway point for cruise passengers headed to Southeast Asia, eastward to Japan & Korea, or even as part of a longer voyage toward Australia and the South Pacific.

Food and culinary experiences are some of the best opportunities to really explore Hong Kong and get to know its people. Food is everywhere and really accessible, but you might appreciate having a bit more depth in your visit by joining a dedicated day trip or hiring the services of a great local guide.

When you should go

You can visit at pretty much any time during the year, Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis at all times! Many tourists from Canada and the US appreciate the less intense tropical weather of an autumn or early winter visit. In general, you'll have the best chance to experience the local festivals during the winter months of January and February. Be sure to check in advance what dates offer the particular celebration you're after as they change each year.

The weather is coolest (but still warm) during the October through December period. There is a possibility of tropical storm weather during the warmer months of April through November.

What else you might need

Most American visitors to Hong Kong will a visa-free stay for up to 90 days, as long as your presence in Hong Kong is for the purposes of tourism. You'll need a valid Chinese visa to enter China from Hong Kong.

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