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Buckingham Palace

One of the most sought after views in London for any visitor, Buckingham Palace has been in a somewhat constant state of change since before it became the official royal residence in in 1837. Earlier records suggest the site's history stretches back as far as 1624 as a private house. Today, the flag flying over the entry onto Pall Mall can tell you if the Queen is in residence or not, where the Royal Standard indicates her presence.

As the London residence of the reigning monarch, anyone with interest in the Royal Family and Britain's great history might enjoy a visit to Buckingham Palace. The famous guards also draw their own crowd, be sure to check timings and schedules the week of your arrival.

Planning Your Trip

In addition to the outdoor action in viewing the Changing of the Guard, there is an option to tour the State Rooms. Very limited access and no photography permitted, you'll just have to look with your eyes and enjoy!

When You Should Go

The Changing of the Guard is a popular attraction at the palace. The ceremony lasts about 45 minutes and often (but not always) features a musical accompaniment of a military band. Typically, the ceremony occurs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 11:00AM during the cooler months of August through May and daily during June and July. The Sunday ceremony takes place at 8:00AM. The presentation itself can sometimes be disrupted not by weather, but by palace events and the occasional security concern. Plan for a crowd.

What Else You Might Need

There is no need to purchase tickets to view the Changing of the Guard or to otherwise visit the Palace's exterior. However, you might want to arrive early in order to position yourself well for the ceremony.

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