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The capital and most populous city of the Maldives. Although you'll fly into North Malé when you first arrive via the aptly coded Velana International Airport (VIA). As a luxury hotel guest, you won't likely spend much time here but for personal interest or where your arrival or departure is at off hours - for example, if your inbound flight to the Maldives arrives too late in the day to safely navigate from the capital island to your luxurious atoll accommodation.

If you do have interest in visiting Malé, expect colorful buildings and a welcoming Muslim culture. Fresh catch might feature heavily on the menu, but you may not have such easy access to other amenities as elsewhere among the islands.

Planning your trip

The port in Malé is not a deep water port, meaning most commercial cruises will operate a tender to the city and beyond. Plan your day trips here well to make the most of your visit.

If your arrival or departure is at off hours, you may find a day trip available to help break up the journey.

When you should go

As alluded above, your flight schedule and seaplane transfer might take away your choice on the matter and whether you visit Malé or not. Expect drier, warm weather January through May and (slightly) wetter warm weather through the remainder of the year. Unlike the resorts, Ramadan may be more strictly observed in the capital and can mean additional planning for your hydration and dining needs.

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