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Morosini Fountain

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Also known as the "Lion's Fountain". It is very obviously adorned with several lions. The landmark itself is not huge, but it is said to attract visitors throughout the day and night. Historically, it is a remnant from the Venetians circa 1628.

You might only stop by to enjoy the fountain for a moment before heading off to find something delicious to eat with friends, that's how the locals enjoy it today so you shouldn't feel bad if you only pay a moment's attention to the monument.

Planning your trip

The Morosini Fountain is technically walking distance from the cruise port in Heraklion, but you may enjoy a quick stop as part of a larger day trip and to include another Venetian relic, the Rocca a Mare Fortress.

When you should go

As above, the 4 lions welcome guests 24 hours a day! You'll find that it's busiest during the lunch and dinner hour.

What else you might need

The fountain is sat in a public square and requires no ticket of admission or arranged time to visit.

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