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National Art Gallery of The Bahamas

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Housing the National Collection, an effort to promote and preserve the arts of The Bahamas and to better showcase what it means to tell a story through the eyes of the artist. An ever-evolving selection of guest exhibits features throughout the year.

Art enthusiasts and collectors will appreciate the collection, as well as the average visitor looking to build their understanding of the culture of The Bahamas and the people who live here.

Planning your trip

In addition to enjoying the regular collection, you can host your next event here.

When you should go

Closed on Mondays and public holidays, open 10-5 during regular hours of operation. Arrive earlier in the day to avoid any small crowds.

What else you might need

There is a small admission fee for visitors. Expect about $10 for adults, $5 for seniors 65+, and complimentary entry for children under 12. Arrange your tour on arrival Tuesday through Friday up to 4pm or book in advance for a wider schedule.

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