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Natural History Museum

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With some 80,000,000 specimens (not all on display!) spanning more than 300 years of collection, it is absolutely worth the visit. Like so many galleries and museums of London, visitors can enjoy complimentary entry. Although we'd suggest leaving large bags in the hotel room. The building has been a celebrated epicenter of learning for centuries, with detailed displays inside and eye-catching features on the building's exterior. There is a collection of many dozen terracotta animals acting as gargoyles all around the building.

Family friendly, but couples, groups, and even solo travelers will enjoy exploring the history of the natural world and its study here. The museum and extensive galleries truly have something for everyone.

Planning your trip

Events and workshops are carried out regularly, there's even a skating rink installed on the green space to the building's southeast during the winter months.

When you should go

Open every day of the year except December 24-26 from 10:00am to 5:30pm.

What else you might need

The permanent collection of regular exhibits feature complimentary entry for all visitors. Special exhibits and events might require advanced ticketing, the relevant fee will apply.

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