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Necker Island

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Sir Richard Branson's own private island escape can be your own slice of paradise. While the island property features as Sir Richard's family home, the Bransons are frequently away on their own adventures. That means plenty of opportunity to live out your own billionaire lifestyle fantasies on incredible Necker Island!

A large family or a medium-sized group looking for something very upscale but with a personal feel; ultimately seeking something private & discreet. You want a bit of pampering but you're not afraid to hit the waves or to get active with some water sports. Bragging rights don't hurt either!

Planning your trip

Necker Island is an entire private island property near to Virgin Gorda.

The island resort tends to be rented as an inclusive experience, with not only food & beverage inclusions, but water sports and even inter-island transfers.

When you should go

As with many destinations throughout the Caribbean, peak season arrives mid-December and lasts until March. There can be spotty periods during which time the property is unavailable for rentals.

What else you might need

A 7-night stay is typically required for your stay, although there are select times throughout the year during which a shorter stay may be permitted. The property has been updated in April of 2020 and can now accommodate up to 40 guests. While typically offered as a "whole island" booking, there are limited periods during which individual rooms may be secured.

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