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New River

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Running more or less parallel to the Las Olas Blvd strip of shops & restaurants, the New River extends into the intercoastal waterways of Fort Lauderdale and features a number of large, multi-million dollar properties.

Not only an attraction, the waterways permit the function of a local water taxi service and the occasional manatee! There are a few historic buildings to visit just west of Fort Lauderdale's downtown core, but you might simply enjoy the view and opportunity for a relaxing walk on the water's edge.

Planning your trip

While the water taxi can be a picturesque and responsible way to enjoy a few well-deserved drinks during your exploration of the area, we might suggest you forgo the Millionaire's Row tour and instead enjoy your own exploration of neighboring Las Olas Blvd.

When you should go

The city's attractions welcome visitors throughout the year, with a high season running roughly December through March. You may enjoy a walk outdoors here more during the daytime than at night.

What else you might need

The area is open to the public and you won't need to arrange tickets or reserve a time to walk the parks and riverside.

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