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Old Mill Museum

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Great history and a little more activity to add to your day out in the local villages, the mill itself has a mention in the Domesday Book and enjoys a lengthy history swapping hands throughout the century. It was last used to grind flour in 1958.

There is a shop and cafe, so there's a little bit for everyone at the Old Mill. One of the few actual attractions in the local area, you should have a look if you're in town.

Planning your trip

Even if you're not a history buff and don't stop in to visit the historic mill museum, you can still enjoy the handmade ice cream.

When you should go

March through October the property is open 10am to 6pm, while the terrace and cafe close at 5. November through February, 10am to "dark" which can be quite early in the winter months.

Indoor exploration won't be affected by the weather, but your cafe and terrace experience might be a little more afflicted in heavy rains. As highlighted elsewhere, the outdoor sections close earlier during the winter months.

What else you might need

Tickets are necessary to visit the mill's museum, expect about £2.50 for adults and £1 for children.

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