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Ornos Beach

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One of two neighboring but vastly different beaches just south of Mykonos Town. The breezes here aren't so intense and the water is nice and calm. That does mean bigger crowds of beach fanatics, however. There is a certain lively element to the atmosphere on and around the beach.

You'll enjoy the beach if you're OK with a little background music. The calm air and water will more than make up for the electric feel in the air!

Planning your trip

Ornos Beach can be very busy, and although there are a few spots of free standing sand secreted away on the water's edge, renting a lounger for several hours may prove the most comfortable and convenient way to enjoy the lively atmosphere while relaxing under the sun.

When you should go

The beach is busiest during the afternoon hours and during the peak tourist seasons of June through August.

What else you might need

You'll get the full Mykonos experience by renting a lounger. Be prepared for a bit of lively music to accompany your relaxation, however.

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