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Paddington Station

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Long before there was any talk of a bear from Peru, Paddington Station had been transporting passengers in and out of London through nearby counties and onto England's beautiful South West. The halls as seen today are a sort of second choice for the original developers back in the 1830s, the original design being too expensive.

You'll need to visit Paddington for connections with Bath and options for Oxford, but the station will also see you into and out of London quickest via the Heathrow Express for international passengers.

Planning your trip

If you're arriving into London early on a pre-cruise extension, consider utilizing the Heathrow Express and a short ride in a black cab to your hotel and private transfer onto Southampton.

The station itself, while perfectly suitable for train journeys, isn't exactly an attraction nor situated in any sort of density of landmarks and attractions for the average first time visitor. Consider private guided tour pick up for nearby Kensington Palace and Hyde Park or a day trip to Bath, possibly Oxford.

When you should go

As a transport hub, you'll likely only visit as part of an ongoing journey. The station is open throughout the year and any public or dining areas operate regular business hours.

What else you might need

The main halls are open to the public during regular business hours, you won't need a ticket unless you're boarding a train.

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