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Paraportiani Church

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Although its name remains just beyond the memories of many visitors, this site remains one of the most photographed and recognised symbols of modern Mykonos.

A collection of five churches melded into one structure, the interior isn't frequently accessible. That won't matter, the most spectacular view lies outside as the church is known as the "gateway" into Chora. A crisp white façade helps blend the seams among the individual buildings, having grown together since the 1400s.

Planning your trip

The church has a great history, you'll miss out on much of it without a local guide. You'll also want to keep an eye out for another local, Pete the Pelican.

When you should go

The church grounds are accessible to pedestrians and street users throughout the day. Busy periods come and go throughout any 24 hour period, with meal times proving busiest. Although there is occasionally a small crowd in the late evening, just before midnight.

What else you might need

Visitors are not invited to enter the church itself, enjoy them from the exterior without any sort of fee or admission.

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