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Porsche Museum

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More than 60,000 square feet of Porsche design housed in a contemporary site, itself somewhat hidden away from many tourists in a less visited corner of Germany. There are roughly 80 exhibits rolling through a stock of about 300 vehicles, many of which have been beautifully restored. The museum itself celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2016, while the beautifully designed building now standing is a more recent development and only welcomed its first visitors in 2009.

If you love cars and European motoring history, you'll love it. However, you don't have to be a die-hard car enthusiast to appreciate the unique design of the museum and the vehicles housed within. Having a rotating stock of presentation pieces adds to the adventure, visits on different dates may showcase different cars.

Planning your trip

As the museum is in the Stuttgart area, it doesn't really align with any conventional river cruise itineraries as a direct call to port. You might seek a Rhine itinerary which includes Karlsruhe instead and arrange for private transportation to include the Porsche Museum in your river cruise itinerary.

In addition to General Admission, several options for more extensive tours and factory visits are available. You may want to arrange the most desirable in advance, such as private tours of the 911 & 718 factory or for the exclusive Powertrain Factory Tour.

When you should go

The museum's exhibition spaces are entirely housed indoors, making this a great year-round activity to enjoy. It's a bit busier from about 11-3, so if you can arrive early in the day you should enjoy the most reduced crowd numbers. The site is closed on Mondays and during holidays.

What else you might need

Tickets are available on site or arranged in advance. They'll run about $11 for adults while children 14 and under will enjoy complimentary entry. Of course, there's also a preferred rate for Porsche owners!

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