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Queen's Staircase

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One of the more well known local landmarks in Nassau, the Queen's Staircase is also known as the 66 Steps. The origins of this second name are a bit contentious, it is said that the reign of Queen Victoria lasted some 64 years and was honored locally by renaming the 66 existing steps. Interestingly, the last step is now paved over, leaving only 65 steps!

The site itself was carved right through the limestone shield covering the approach to Fort Fincastle, giving people of all interests an opportunity to enjoy this landmark in their own way. Whether as part of naval or military history, as part of the former geopolitics of the region, or plainly as a pleasant local landmark.

Planning your trip

Arrange your visit in advance as part of a day trip from your resort or shore excursion from your cruise ship. You'll avoid any unnecessary delays with unofficial guides and learn a great deal more about this site's history.

When you should go

If you visit earlier in the day you'll have a better opportunity to enjoy the site or take some photos of your visit without the burden of other visitors. The Queen's Staircase is an outdoor landmark and does not feature any sort of shelter.

What else you might need

The Queen's Staircase itself is a public space, but you'll likely encounter a number of "official" guides. It is your choice how you engage with them, but be aware that there is no fee or admission necessary to enjoy this landmark.

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