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Royal Crescent

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Enjoying Royal status following a stay by Prince Frederick during the 18th century, the landmark site in Bath was completed in 1774 and to this day represents among the finest examples of Georgian architecture and design in England. Today, several of the 30 terraced houses have been subdivided or now exist as a hotel, there are full time and permanent residents whose quiet enjoyment should be respected by visitors.

After the Roman Baths and the Bath Abbey, Bath's Royal Crescent is perhaps the most well known and most visited landmarks in the city. You don't have to have a deep interest in history or even Georgian architecture to appreciate the beauty of the lawns framed by sandstone buildings.

Planning your trip

An easy site to enjoy the sights, but you'll get more out of the experience learning about the local history and all its quirks when accompanied by a guide.

When you should go

Expect other visitors or even picnic-making, especially during the summer months. Your best bet for a more private experience is to arrive earlier in the day.

What else you might need

Outdoors and set at the top of a public park, you won't need any sort of ticket or admission to visit or enjoy this landmark.

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