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The oldest house in Bath and once home to Huguenot refugee, Solange Luyon circa 1680. While locals had trouble untying their tongues around the young lady's name, she became known as Sally Lunn while warming their hearts with an incredible and unique recipe for a bun, which was baked on site.

That bun and its secret preparation remains on the menu today, where visitors to Bath can enjoy a sweet or savoury half (it's BIG) or share with travel companions for the whole experience. It's located within steps of the local coach park for arranged tours stopping in Bath for the day, just be sure to plan your visit well as they don't take reservations.

Planning your trip

When ordering one of the famous buns, you've got two considerations to make. First, how hungry are you? The buns are very light so you probably can't get it wrong, but they're served as a half (top or bottom) or as a whole. Second, do you fancy something sweet or savory? There are some classic sweet options, including homemade spreads. But you might like to try something a bit meatier during your day out. There are options on the menu which are not served in a bun, don't worry!

When you should go

Under normal circumstances, Sally Lunn's is open daily from 10-6. It'll be a bit less crowded during the earlier hours after opening.

Surprisingly, despite the house's age, it features climate controlled comfort during both summer and winter months.

What else you might need

During busier periods you might have to wait for a table, but we don't think a reservation is always necessary. If you're dining, you can enjoy access to the small museum & shop below the house.

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