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Sanlitun Shopping Area

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One of the more popular shopping areas among visitors to Beijing, our recommendation is to avoid this area if you're a visitor. There isn't anything of real value to be found in the shops and the food & entertainment is mediocre at best.

There are a few edgy dining options which might be pleasant along the streets adjacent to the shopping center itself, but the fast fashion found here is surprisingly pricey considering much of it is made locally! Any time our team has visited the place has been crawling with over-enthusiastic amateur photographers.

Planning your trip

As above, there isn't really much in terms of inspiring local life or culture & history to enjoy.

When you should go

The only reason we can see anyone wanting to visit Sanlitun is if you're suffering with a bit of stomach upset and want some more familiar Western-style cafe food.

What else you might need

It is an open air plaza-style shopping mall. You don't need any sort of ticket or arranged access to walk around the shops.

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