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Red Beach

Santorini just might be the most famous destination in Greece, but people tend to visit more for the incredible views and get their sun and sea fix elsewhere during their vacation. Red Beach is certainly a contender for the nicest beach on the island.

You might not feel like your vacation is complete without a little splash in the sea when you visit Santorini, the waters here at Red Beach are fairly clear and should tick all the right boxes. Note that the beach is sort of an "unofficial" place to visit and that your options to get there will be via boat or on foot following a short walk from the parking areas south of Akrotiri.

Planning Your Trip

As an "unofficial" beach, there isn't much on offer in terms of amenities. You might take the opportunity to combine a visit here with one or two of other rare beaches on Santorini by chartering a small vessel or participating in a group boating tour. Water access to Red Beach in particular is far more convenient than on foot and there's not really another convenient way to enjoy the beaches elsewhere on the island.

When You Should Go

It's a popular spot but the inconvenience of descending on foot or by boat onto the beach itself means there should be room for your to spread out. Water temperatures are at their most comfortable during July and August.

What Else You Might Need

The beach is a sort of "unofficial" attraction and doesn't have any sort of fee for access.

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