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Stone Forest

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Not far from the provincial capital of Kunming, the limestone rock abundant in the region has been exposed to the elements here in a manner which has shaped the boulders and rock features into spines, spikes, and other tree-like shapes. There's even a section of the wider park in which the rocks appear as giant mushrooms!

Shi Lin as it's known locally, the name itself translates to "Stone Forest" and holds cultural significance to the local Yi people, one of the 56 ethnic minorities of Yunnan. Several sites across the 'forest' have enjoyed UNESCO World Heritage Site status since 2007, it is a popular attraction among domestic Chinese tourists.

Planning your trip

This is definitely an activity which requires a guide. Transport alone might be a day of loss if you aren't a Mandarin speaker. The site itself doesn't really present a lot of English language material for visitors, arrange a guide to get the most of this heritage site's geolomorphology and to learn about the Yi people.

When you should go

The size of the park allows for some privacy among the number of visitors joining you on a given day, but mid-week and earlier hours of the day might prove more exclusive.

What else you might need

Tickets may be arranged on the day of arrival, but paid in cash only.

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