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Terraza Cha Cha Cha

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Seat yourself at the edge of the Monumento a la Revolución for a spectacular 6th floor view with contemporary Mexican food, and alluring cocktail choices. Since 2018 this terrace has been in the city's spotlight for residents and visitors who enjoy a new take on the local gastronomy that blends in a modern, cheerful, and vibing atmosphere. Highly recommended “antojitos” (snacks) are Duck Tacos and Ryb-eye sopes.

Families, couples, friends or just about anyone celebrating a special occasion and looking for a unique memory. It's a place where you can slow your pace, and really enjoy every moment of your meal.

Planning your trip

When you should go

Even though the restaurant opens at 1 pm, it is a must to catch the sunset. Plan to be there around 6:30 pm. You'll have to book a table in advance.

Spring and summer weather are most enjoyable on the terrace. During fall and winter, be sure to bring some warm layers since it can sometimes get a bit windy.

What else you might need

As above, you'll need a reservation to avoid disappointment.

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