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The Maldives

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Close your eyes and picture an island paradise, you may just be dreaming up a sight from the Maldives! World famous for its sand beaches and blue waters, the country itself is series of atolls and island chains spread across a central area of the Indian Ocean. While it may be popular for European visitors to bring the whole family, most guests from North America are here for a destination wedding, to celebrate their marriage with an anniversary or honeymoon, or to just explore the romantic seclusion together as a couple. The inhabited islands permitting foreign tourists tend to host luxurious, exclusive properties with high standards of service.

Interestingly, the island nation hosts a Muslim majority and its language is somewhat distinct in its regional roots. You won't have any issues communicating with resort staff or local guides during excursions, nor will you feel out of place. The luxury travel aspect of any trip to the Maldives has been well practiced, tourism is by far the largest economic resource for the Maldives. One major point of note in planning your trip, added time, costs, and baggage handling considerations should be made for any atoll beyond the vicinity of the capital, Male. Transfers from the airport are achieved by sea plane and run on a schedule independent of international airlines.

Planning your trip

While a boat transfer may be available for those properties nearest to Malé, you should plan for a sea plane transfer. Both instances require additional travel time planned into your day of arrival, departure, or cruise visit.

Popular with honeymooners, couples celebrating an anniversary, or any type of romance. You may also encounter families vacationing from Europe and elsewhere. There are typically no all-inclusive options, but boarding may be offered. Book early for the best options.

When you should go

The Maldives welcomes visitors throughout the year, with warm, tropical weather you might expect of an island paradise. There are two seasons, each with their own version of a monsoon and featuring a somewhat variable start and end each year. The dry season is the most enjoyable, having warmer, drier weather and calmer seas. A cool breeze might accompany the heat, but there is still room for showers and a sort of winter monsoon. This season runs about October or November through to April, although some visitors prefer the December through March period. The wet season can see a sort of summer monsoon, meaning a higher yet not certain chance of rains and winds. The weather can change more rapidly during the wet season and may provide the most colorful sunsets! When the weather is expected to be drier, expect the islands and their resorts to be busier.

What else you might need

For US passport holders, a visa on arrival may be secured for tourist visits up to 30 days. Specific clearance may also be secured for arrival by ship. There may be a departure tax of up to US$50, but this will likely already be included in your airfare.

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