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Trang An Grottoes

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While more recently developed as part of a collection of ecotourism attractions in Trang An, there are dozens of flooded and dry cave systems to explore in the region. You're able to tour some of the most dramatic landscapes and enter some of the grottoes by boat.

You'll really appreciate the views if you're into the unique karst landscapes of Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Boating through the grottoes is a relaxing outdoor experience often compared to Ha Long Bay.

Planning your trip

The grottoes are accessible as a day trip from Ha Long Bay, however you may want to consider arranging this experience as part of a more extensive pre or post-cruise segment as the journey time might be better spent closer to the cruise port.

Definitely best experienced by boat. Look for an itinerary which makes a loop to experience more caves & grottoes during your visit and plan for about 3-4 hours.

When you should go

You should be able to enjoy the grottoes throughout the year, but most locals would suggest late January through March to be the most picturesque. Early mornings and late afternoons will provide the most exclusive experience.

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