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US 1 Mile Marker 0

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Mile Marker 0 is the starting point of US Highway 1. At 2,369 miles it's the longest north-south road in the United States and terminates at Fort Kent in Maine. A rite of passage for motorists? It's probably more popular with pedestrians, but a lot of fun just to stop for a quick snap! It's also pretty easy to miss if you're not careful, it is just a little green sign after all.

The easiest way to describe its location: At the southeast corner of Whitehead Street (US-1) and Fleming Street. If you're walking toward the Southernmost Point Buoy from Old Town, once you've stumbled upon the Green Parrot Bar you've gone too far!

Planning your trip

As with so much of Key West, it's really an accessible point of interest if you're on foot. But don't be afraid to enjoy the Key West Trolley and get a little lost jumping on or off.

When you should go

You might just walk this point of interest right by if you're not careful! It's an easy one to miss and despite the best efforts of some enterprising retail shops by the same name, there's not likely to be a crowd to help you spot the site. That also means you can probably enjoy a quick photo without much hassle at almost any time of day.

What else you might need

No tickets needed, nor timings or a plan of any variety to enjoy this landmark. Maybe just plan to stay hydrated.

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