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Upper Matecumbe Key

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Home to the town-sized village of Islamorada and a host of attractions, including great fishing, boating, and other outdoor activities to enjoy under the sun. Upper Matecumbe is just about where the Keys start breaking up as a landmass and where you'll enter the Middle and later Lower Keys.

You may be stopping here anyway on your journey to or from Key West, but a handful of local attractions can keep you occupied and entertained if you've got time away from the beach.

Planning your trip

When you should go

With the proportionately larger population of local residences compared to many other keys, you may find that there are more dining and local entertainment options available throughout the year. Peak season runs December through March.

What else you might need

You could look at the island's local resident population in two ways: a wider variety of options from which to choose in a quick bite to eat, but both tourists and locals to compete with when sitting for dinner at certain times of year. If in doubt, make a reservation.

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