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Waikiki Beach

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Iconic Oahu. The Waikiki Beach area east of Honolulu delivers precisely what many people expect of a visit to Hawaii, with beautiful coastline, brilliant sand and sea, and a view onto either Diamond Head to the east or the sunset to the west.

In addition to being accessible on most cruise itineraries featuring Hawaii, there is a great variety of hotels and resorts from which you can choose your perfect vacation spot right on the beach!

Planning your trip

Bring a snack and something to drink or simply plan to relax in one of the many dining & bar options nearby. Be sure to pack your reef-safe sunscreen.

When you should go

If you're in Honolulu and the sun is shining, you should probably get to the beach at least once during your visit! The waters are friendlier during the winter months.

What else you might need

Much of the beach is public, but you may have to explore a bit for a public access point. If you're driving, paid parking is available but in high demand. You may have less stress if you plan your arrival.

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