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The unofficial title for the main square of Mexico City's center. More formally, Plaza de la Constitución or even Plaza del Zócalo. Interestingly, despite the word "constitution" being referred in the official title, there is no intended reference to the national constitution of Mexico but rather another region of Spain. Historically, the plaza represented the ceremonial center of the Aztec city from which Mexico City grew, Tenochtitlan.

Start your day early to beat the crowds and get a great look at the flag pole or keep an eye out for any calendar of local events, there is frequently a market in the square's central area. Be mindful of your possessions on busy days.

Planning your trip

The region to the west is very pedestrian friendly and accessible, it also happens to feature a great selection of shops and restaurants.

When you should go

You won't need long to enjoy the plaza, but you may want some time to explore some of the attractions adjacent at your leisure. Plan to arrive earlier in the day in order to avoid lingering unnecessarily when the sun starts to set.

What else you might need

Unless you've planned to attend an event you shouldn't expect to pay for any sort of admission to the square.

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