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Anshun Nine Eye Bridge

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Known as the Nine Eye Bridge or the Dongmen Bridge, its history is a little complicated as it has enjoyed a number of names through the last few hundred years and even reconstruction in 2003 following flood damage. It is also said to be the largest stone arch bridge on the Jinjiang River, the name "Dongmen" suggests its significance as a western gateway into the city.

You'll enjoy this landmark most if you're into architecture or at least appreciate the unique design style of this ornate covered bridge.

Planning your trip

Perhaps best enjoyed during the evening hours, not simply for the view but also the nightlife in the surrounding pedestrian areas. Find a pub, restaurant, or other entertainment in good proximity to the Sichuan Conservatory of Music.

When you should go

There's no denying it's a good looking bridge, as far as small canal bridges go! You'll enjoy it most when lit up during the evening hours, however.

What else you might need

You won't need any sort of ticket or admission to enjoy the bridge as a landmark, but you might expect to wait during busy times for a table at the popular restaurant hosted within.

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