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Australia House

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Home to Australia's formal diplomatic mission in the United Kingdom, it has been such for more than a century and represents the longest such occupied mission in the country. A rather stoic grey marble imported from Australia does little to suggest the elegant or even grandiose interior hidden within.

The mission itself is critical for Australian expatriates and the occasional traveler with reason to visit for visa or passport services. Harry Potter fans may know the landmark as the filming site of Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

Planning your trip

Best enjoyed as part of a self-guided Harry Potter themed walking tour or as a brief stop on a guided experience. You may also enjoy this landmark as a brief photo-op between pints at some of Britain's oldest and most historic pubs, several of which are only a (Sorceror's) stone throw away.

When you should go

There isn't really a prime time to visit, perhaps when most comfortable or convenient for your wider itinerary in London. The secure nature of diplomatic missions means visitors are not welcome outside of events hosted by invitation alone.

What else you might need

In past the mission held semi-regular events and formal gatherings for local Australian expats and which occasionally permitted a "Plus One". This may no longer be the case owing to security and now COVID considerations.

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