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Exclusive to Royal Caribbean cruise passengers, the island is also known as Little Stirrup Cay and is part of the Berry Islands. An already idyllic location, the island enjoyed more than $200 million in upgrades during 2018 to be reborn as the Perfect Day. It features 21 water slides, including the tallest in North America, more than 1,600 feet of zipline, a gigantic wave pool, and plenty more to brag about when you return home from your cruise!

Imagine your family's own Perfect Day at CocoCay, cruise itineraries calling to port here typically enjoy an extension of the shipboard amenities for which the brand is known. That means you don't need much more than your key card and your camera.

Planning your trip

CocoCay features as a call to port during any number of Bahamas and Caribbean sailings with Royal Caribbean. Look out for any branding of "Perfect Day" as it can also refer to the sister property in the South Pacific!

As mentioned above, there are a number of activities to enjoy during your call to port. Relax on the beach or upgrade yourself to a cabana, you and your family can also enjoy a more active day with zip lines, snorkeling, and the highest point of view in the whole of the Caribbean on the hot air balloon experience.

Do you have a specific experience in mind? If you're looking forward to enjoying something yourself, chances are that others will be, too! The best way to get the trip you really want is to book early.

When to go

CocoCay isn't exclusively for families, but the Royal Caribbean line does include a wide variety of family-friendly activities. That can mean busy periods during school holidays, such as March Break, the week of Thanksgiving, and throughout the summer school holiday period. Winter months of roughly mid-December through March also experience greater visitor numbers. Expect the largest crowds in January and the slimmest in September, generally speaking.

What documents do you need?

You'll need to be a Royal Caribbean cruise passenger on a sailing featuring CocoCay in order to visit this destination.

You should always visit your own government's travel portal for the latest and most up to date official advisories and recommendations when planning your trip. 

We'd also note that certain providers you may encounter during your trip may have additional requirements beyond those minimums suggested by your government travel portal, such as airlines. We typically suggest you travel with at least 6 months of additional validity beyond the date you intend to return home from your trip and at least 1-2 full blank pages.

We strongly suggest everyone travels with adequate travel insurance for the full duration of their trip.

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