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Ball and Chain

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Miami's Ball & Chain has existed in some form or another since opening in 1935 as the Ball & Chain Saloon. Famous during its earlier years for illicit gambling and lively music scene, only the music has been retained into the 21st Century.

If you've never been to Little Havana before you might actually hear the Ball & Chain before you see it. There's music pumping or a live set on the go from about the time it opens! You'll enjoy yourself if you enjoy salsa or mojitos.

Planning your trip

Happy hour is always a popular option, you'll not go wrong for live music when the Ball & Chain is in full swing for the day!

When you should go

You'll probably notice that the Ball & Chain operates earlier hours than some of the other bars on 8th Street. Things get really busy from about mid-afternoon.

What else you might need

You might have better luck finding a comfortable seat during the busiest periods with an advanced reservation, there are also frequent events which require advanced ticketing. Otherwise, you may come and go as you please during regular business hours.

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