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Desierto de los Leones ex-Convent

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Even though this ex-convent was built in the XVII century by the Barefoot Carmelite Order, it is very well preserved. The peaceful and forested surroundings are precisely the reason the site was selected then, today they are still available to the public. Visitors can explore on their own or take a tour through the historic building, then walk around through one of the many trails located along the forest.

This interesting place is open to anyone looking to take a little break from the buzzing city. Bikers, runners, and families enjoy this place a lot.

Planning your trip

When you should go

This is a place best enjoyed earlier in the day, giving you time to enjoy most of the morning or midday at a comfortable pace before the cooler, dark periods of the day set in. Aim to arrive at 10am when the site opens. It is not open on Mondays.

What else you might need

Entrance fee is 20 pesos, roughly $1 US, open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

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