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Domino Park

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You may see this landmark listed on your map as Gomez Park, where it was originally opened in honor of Cuban revolutionary, Generalissimo Máximo Gómez. Today, the name is more of a practical moniker, where decades of local history has been shared among (mostly) retired residents who come to share a coffee and a chat with friends over a game of dominoes.

You'll still find a bust of the Generalissimo, but you'll most easily notice the clacking of tiles and friendly banter among games of dominoes. There's a membership card required to play, limited to local constituents.

Planning your trip

Although one of the main attractions in Little Havana, you'll not gain much local perspective or historical context surrounding the park if you're not enjoying the services of a professional local guide or as part of an arranged tour.

When you should go

One of the few attractions

What else you might need

No ticket of entry is necessary to visit if you're only going to be spectating.

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