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Fanis Palia Istoria

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Remarkably fresh seafood served in a friendly, family-owned restaurant just off the beach in Corinth's popular tourist area. Whatever your first impressions, just speak up and ask for a table or even a look in the kitchen to see what's on the menu.

Almost worth the trip from Athens on its own, you'll hate this place if you don't love seafood. something fresh from the sea features in almost every menu item!

Planning your trip

As alluded to above, the menu features fresh catch. That sometimes means the full card menu isn't available, but it can also mean an amazing special for the day. Ask the staff about their preparations and practices, you'd be amazed at how much care and attention goes into some of their dishes. The char-grilled octopus takes more than 24-hours to prepare, for example!

When you should go

During the regular season, Fanis is open 7 days a week. Lunch service noon-5pm and dinner from 8pm through midnight.

What else you might need

You may benefit from an advanced reservation if you're planning a large group to visit during the dinner hour.

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