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Goodwin's Court

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One of the many yet distinct hidden gems of London's historic center. The buildings which encompass Goodwin's Court are said to have been built in 1690, with more modern shops occupying the somewhat updated structure. It's also said to have been home to Nell Gwynn, for you serious history buffs.

This landmark is definitely worth a visit if you're in the Covent Garden area or even just coming off of Trafalgar Square, it's interesting bordering quirky. The perfect spot to inspire one JK Rowling who saw the path instead as Diagon Alley in her Harry Potter series.

Planning your trip

Harry Potter fan? Try engaging a longer discovery of Harry Potter filming locations in the immediate vicinity, including Cecil Court (already mentioned) but also a few points at Westminster and wider Covent Garden or the Shaftsbury Avenue stretch of London's West End.

You're only a stone's throw from Covent Garden and quite nearly on top of the National Gallery, explore a bit of shopping or culture while you're here. Certainly check out nearby Cecil Court for another interesting shopping experience.

When you should go

The walkway is public and open throughout the day, you may only be limited by your larger itinerary or what the weather holds in store for you on the day of your visit to Central London.

What else you might need

It's a public space, you won't need any sort of advanced reservations unless you'd care to join a more official Harry Potter Tour of London.

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