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Today, the Graycliff Hotel is a well-appointed boutique property, but it sports a rich local history stretching as far back as 1740! Pirates feature heavily among the early owners and patrons before the American Navy turned the site into a sort of garrison. Ownership has since included wealthy patrons of both spurious and honorable mention as it also became Nassau's first inn during 1844. The Graycliff Hotel of the 21st Century is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places.

The classic feel and boutique setting welcomes couples celebrating a milestone or simply a romantic escape, but families and even small groups seeking a smaller property with an exclusive atmosphere may enjoy the town-center setting when visiting Nassau.

Planning your trip

For cruise guests to Nassau, the Graycliff Hotel offers a day rate from 10am and which includes pool access and a three-course lunch. This should be arranged in advance.

The property is shared with several satellite businesses under the Graycliff brand. Check out the Graycliff Chocolatier or the Graycliff Cigar Company, among others. You can arrange a variety of experiences in advance.

When you should go

The Graycliff Hotel welcomes guests throughout the year, with peak periods during the winter months of December through March.

What else you might need

You may visit the hotel's restaurant during dining hours if you're to be dining in, otherwise you may need a reservation as guest of the hotel or to hold a valid and advanced-purchase day pass to enjoy the property fully.

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